Elden Ring player finishes game on a piano

Yes, there’s another weird and wonderful way to play through Elden Ring – playing the piano.

While the piano still plays music, don’t expect a full concerto – it’s more experimental jazz – but this is still a very impressive feat.

Omunchkin13 used software called Bome MIDI Translator to remap computer keyboard inputs to an electric piano.

However, he only used the free version so it timed out every 20 minutes, adding extra pressure to his playthrough.

The YouTuber released a video explainer and some highlights from the playthrough. He managed to defeat all the main bosses to complete the game, though I’d love to see Malenia defeated in this way.

The run follows on from musician Anna Ellsworth who played the game with a harp.

Elsewhere Elden Ring fans have played the game on a Fisher Price controller and even bananas.